Pine Air Bed & Breakfast | A unique alternative B&B experience
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Pine Air Bed & Breakfast offers a unique alternative stay experience and is located on the outskirts of Shillong, 5 minute walk from the Golf course,3 km drive to North East Hills University, in a Residential Neighbourhood of Mawlai Mawroh – directly opposite the Mawroh Community Hall and Indoor Sports Complex.

Pine Air Bed & Breakfast has been established by Bremley Aibannangkiew Blah Lyngdoh, after the house built by his late father Eric Bremley Lyngdoh and mother Dr Iadamon Blah as a residence was gifted to him. In honor of his father, Aiban decided to open the space for various programs and events, both entrepreneurial and social with the main focus being: ‘inspiring to do the right things’.

With a desire to represent the Khasi Hills and the area in general with its numerous pine trees, Pine Air was chosen as the name: giving a forum for the understanding that as with the Dieng Kseh or Pine, all living things are sustained by mother Earth. It is thus the duty of humans to be the stewards, to do the right things; not only to use its provisions responsibly, but to protect, preserve and nourish it. It is with this feeling that Aiban in opening up the property to establish Pine Air Bed & Breakfast, felt the need, in this generation, to usher and create an air of new thinking that promotes action that is responsible, honest, innovative, creative and positive.


A space that initiates and incorporates positive ideas, emotions and creative thought and facilitates the creation of responsible actions that have a direction and purpose to accomplish the right things.

  1. The promotion of arts and culture
  2. Promote care for nature, protection of the environment and Responsible Ecotourism
  3. Promote responsible local entrepreneurship among the youth
  4. Cultivate, develop and build partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations


Arts & Culture

Promote and host art and cultural events to educate, preserve, revive and disseminate about local traditions and customs.

Training & Workshops

Host trainings and workshops on subjects and themes relevant to the promotion of arts and culture of the state and region.


Accommodation and food is provided to participants and guests

Environmental Protection

Host informal and formal meetings and workshops for young people – school children, college students and young professionals – to educate and act for nature conservation, innovative eco-friendly initiatives and environmental protection.

Responsible Ecotourism

To promote a more meaningful outlook on traveling - one that is a holistic experience of visiting, seeing. learning, respecting and giving - such that there is a mutual and positive benefit for both the traveller and the community visited and more importantly the environmental system of the place and people visited is preserved, unharmed, and enhanced to sustain future generations of the community.